This extraordinary propeller is used on thousands of sailing yachts around the world. This propeller fits all the BT Challenge yachts, and contributes superior performance for cruising yachts, proven in the most arduous conditions.

Considerably reduced drag can be expected from most feathering propellers but unlike ‘ the others’, Autoprop’s exclusive design enables her shaped blades to automatically find the optimum pitch when motoring or motor sailing, ensuring excellent performance both ahead and astern, with virtually no ‘prop walk’


“If an Autoprop can not only survive here, but also deliver strong, reliable performance, she can survive pretty much anywhere. “ – Skipper and Expedition Leader Stephen Wilkins, after a 12 month expedition to Antarctica. 

Autoprop automatically adopts the most efficient pitch setting, taking into account the driving force of the sails. The result is increased speed at lower revs, providing longer range and more comfortable cruising. We like to refer to this matchless propeller as innovation in motion!

Autoprop has a great propeller range, which offers two and three blade versions plus one suitable for sail drives, and Autoprop sizes will accommodate any engine up to 350hp. 

“In thirteen years nothing we have done had such a dramatic effect on her", says respected yachting journalist Tom Cunliffe about the Autoprop fitted to his well known yacht, "Hirta".