When two dissimilar metals are connected in an electrolyte such as sea-water a corrosion cell is formed in which one metal becomes an anode and suffers corrosion whilst the other metal becomes the cathode and is preserved. Anodic and cathodic areas exist on the surface of all steel structures due to slight variations in material composition, local stresses, differences in coating condition and availability of oxygen. On a bare steel plate in sea-water, these areas form on what is apparently a uniform surface. Since corrosion will result in metal loss, roughening and wastage will occur on an uncoated plate. Where an imperfect coating exists, corrosion will take the form of accelerated pitting at the location of the bare spots and eventual breakdown of the coating. Whatever the circumstances, in the absence of cathodic protection, corrosion will eventually occur.

TECNOSEAL are a foundry with more than 20 years of experience in the field of cathodic protection wich is the natural remedy against iron and other metals corrosion in marine and underground environment.
The used technique consists in polarizing the structure to be protected by making it cathodic, changing the potential to the corrosion immunity.


This could be realized by two alternatives:

• Passive cathodic protection (with sacrificial anodes)
• Active cathodic protection (with impressed current systems)

Thanks to anode alloy quality which is on the basis of this application, by fusion of particular alloys containing high quality metals in fair proportion, a pile (anode) with high efficiency is obtained.

About the production of anodes (passive cathodic protection) in Zinc, Aluminum And Magnesium, TECNOSEAL with its know- how covers a wide range of activities as: projects, consultancy for Marine and Industrial cathodic, protection system application included refineries, projects and cathodic protection system for concrete buildings and steel structures, aqueducts and pipe-line.

TECNOSEAL uses every kind of Anodes, Impressed Current Systems, Permanent Reference cells in Z1NC/AG/AGCL/-CV/CUSO4, Anodes in FE/SI/CR, Anodes in Platinade Titanium and Silver-lead, Rectifiers, Telemeasures, Corrosion Monitor, Rings of Mass Helix, Service is available all over the world. We thank you for your kind attention and we hope we can meet your requirements for cathodic protection.
If you are unsure of what you are looking for please send us a brief descriptions of the protection you are looking for. We will be pleased to discuss your requirements and make a proposal.