The prerequisites of a propeller depend on three factors: hydro-dynamic efficiency to obtain maximum thrust, structural strength to resist stress, coherence of its characteristics to those of the hull, engine and type of use the boat is bound to.

For over 80 years Eliche Radice has been designing and making propellers able to satisfy the needs of any kind of boat: fishing, pleasure or fast boats, small or medium tonnage ships, ferries, tug boats, hydrofoils, etc. Eliche Radice are able to make propellers according to your design and design them “fit to measure”.

The range of our standard series including 2 3 4 and 5 blade propellers up to a diameter of 4.0 meters. Eliche Radice software manages a huge volume of constantly updated data based on experimentation with some of the most important research institutes determining all the parameters and propeller designs.