Control your ship with complete systems and components from Kobelt Manufacturing

  • Steering components up to 320 tonmeter for hydraulic steering of single and multi-rudder vessels.

  • In the aftdeck control station, complete control over all propulsion and deck machinery.

  • Hydraulic cylinders and control devices for lowering and raising masts, davits for lifeboats, loading ramps etc.

  • Weatherproof controls for outside stations to control propulsion and deck machinery.

  • Control components for propulsion and deck machinery, plus electronic alarm systems and electronic telegraphs.

  • Control for all deck machinery such as anchor and towing winches.

  • Controls for bow thrusters.

  • Control components for any propulsion package, fixed pitch CP propellers, load share and load control.

  • Propeller shaft disk brakes, from small engines up to 50,000 HP.

  • Control components to control stern thrusters.


Manual Hydraulic Steering works entirely “by hand” and is dependent solely upon the force/movement of the wheel to push hydraulic oil to the steering cylinder which will direct the vessel.


  • Produces a smooth & easy method to steer a boat.

  • Reliable - providing many years of trouble - free steering control.

  • Simple & inexpensive to install

Electric Power Steering driven by an electric power pack activated by a jog lever which forces the hydraulic oil to the steering cylinder.


  • Easily integrated into other steering configurations

  • Finger-tip control with minimum effort

  • Can be a back-up system or a main source of steering


Full Hydraulic Power Assisted Steering operates with a power assisted cylinder (or servo cylinder). The oil moves through the servo valve, instead of through the entire cylinder requiring less turns of the wheel.


  • Very compact and easy to install

  • Low maintenance

  • Very few and easy steering wheel turns hard over

Electronic Steering powered completely by an electronic control system, suitable for large vessels with multiple control stations.


  • Offers unlimited options

  • Very versatile with easy installation

  • Cost efficient to install even the most complex systems

Electronic Tie Bar / DP Interface is a multi station electronic control system suitable for a Catamaran, supply vessel or a research vessel, provided with two independent rudders and integrated with a Dynamic Positioning System.


  • Two independent rudders with electronic tie bar.

  • Extremely reliable, providing electronic and hydraulic backup.

  • DP, joystick and autopilot integration.

Kobelt is famous for providing extremely accurate and dependable electronic tie bars. We have supplied several hundred systems over the years that have not only been completely trouble-free, but have surpassed expectations in terms of longevity and reliability.