Ocean Technologies has been undertaking the creation of specific products for different fields of application for almost 40 years. Their line of marine pumps is definitely one of those areas where Ocean Technologies brand has distinguished itself for studying products with particular features dedicated to the environment. Their engineering department collaborates directly with all European and many non-European boat manufacturers in order to provide unsurpassed technical support as well as to ensure that Matromarine can always react quickly to the clients needs. 

During all these years Matromarine has pioneered a stream of innovation from the early brass pumps to the market leading deck pump, manual bilge pumps and macerator waste pumps. Over the last ten years, They have developed many new products such as new patented self priming gear pumps with only 1 gear in ptfe as well as new automatic bilge pumps with integrated float switch tested till 200.000 on/off range. All these new products have all been recognized by the marine industry innovation awards. Over the last 10 years, 36 new products have been introduced in their range, driven by a true culture of business innovation. 

Today Ocean Technologies remains at the leading edge of engineering technology with a strong team using state of the art CAD, software development, data-logging and rapid prototyping equipment. They now manufacture completely a range of about 50 different marine pumps suitable to all applications. Capacities vary from 4LPM TO 140 LPM, allowing the proper matching of the pump to the desired use. All are fitted with heavy-duty motors to provide long service life under heavy use. Their series of marine pumps are employed for bilge pumping systems, wash down applications, deck wash, refuelling and waste water handling. Certified ISO 8846 - EN 55014


Marine Pumps for Deckwash, Bilge & Refuelling

DECK PUMPS: Ideal for deck washing, bilge pumping and pressurized systems Self priming up to 3/5 mt. vertical lift. All versions available upon request with super nitrile impeller.

TRANFER PUMPS & BALLAST PUMPS: Features a bronze housing and self-priming design along with small dimensions for transferring of liquids of various nature. Pump body in brass and stainless steel shaft. Super nitrile impeller and PTFE mechanical seal.Ports wit brass connections for Ø19 mm internal hose. Ideal for bilge pumping, deckwash, water circulation, oil and diesel refuelling at dockside service etc. Not to be used for pumping paraffin or other thin petroleum products. Upon request 90 degrees° brass connections. Ballast pump is equipped with Carling switch to change flow direction and with a special impeller in silicon.

GEAR AND OIL CHANGER PUMP: Self priming electric gear pump particularly suitable for transfer oil, diesel, antifreeze, water and viscous liquids. Available also in oil changer kit version equipped with 180 cm long wires with end clamp ,fuse, and 2 hoses 6 and 8 mm. Can run dry. Pump body in PTFE.

DIAPHRAGM PUMP: The new modern diaphragm pump that can be set up in several applications and with different pump motor configurations.It is easy to install as a bilge pump in any leisure craft or anywhere after the drain outlet in the waste water system or directly in the Matromarine waste water tank . No filters required, the pump can run dry, and also can handle a mixture of air and water without difficulty. Perfect for installation in tight spaces, the SUPERCOMPACT diaphragm pump can be incorporated into a small boat bilge space. Available in version with double 19 mm port connection and 25 mm port connection. Equipped with straight port connections.

SINGLE VERTICAL DIAPHRAGM PUMP: Well proven design that has been on the market for more than 30 years. This pump for bilge and other purposes has been a faithful mate for many boat owners. Self-priming up to 2 meters. Base and motor support are nylon made, and the movement is carried out on ball bearings. The pump can run dry for longer periods without suffering any damages. Delivered together with filter (pump guard)

CIRCULATION PUMP: A modern circulation pump with a motor designed for continuous operation. Suitable for fresh water and glycol circulation


Submersible bilge pumps and float switches 

Bilge pumping systems including automatic and non-automati,bilge pumps, switches and control. A complete selection of pumps is available for fishing boats, pleasure boats, cruisers, yachts, and commercial boats. Ocean Technologies Submersible Bilge Pumps have the highest standard for the industry and for over 35 years have been tested and approved as standard equipments by leading boat manufacturers.

  • Affordable prices

  • Whole process production done by us

  • 100% tested in our manufacturing facilities

  • Compact, efficient, long life motors.

  • Ability to run dry for short periods.

  • Easy clean snap-lock strainer bases.

  • Stainless steel shafts AISI 316

  • Completely submersible.

  • Marine grade blocked wiring.

  • Rust and corrosion protection.

  • Silent and vibrationless operation.

  • CE and ISO 8844 certification.

  • Ignition protection.

HEAVY DUTY BILGE PUMPS: New heavy duty series of marine submersible bilge pumps. These pumps are durable and easy to install, and they offer boaters a sleek new design that has been tested to be reliable and efficient,both in harsh saltwater and freshwater uses. Equipped with stainless steel shaft,double ball bearing motor and mechanical seal, highimpact durable plastic housing.

AUTOMATIC BILGE PUMPS: Laguna bilge pumps are equipped with a built-in electrically controlled snap switch making it fully automatic. No float switch needed and no power used until pump turns on when water level rises. These pumps are durable and easy to install, and they offer boaters a sleek new design that has been tested to be reliable, efficient, and automatic operative in harsh saltwater and freshwater uses. Equipped with stainless steel shaft 316, and high-impact durable plastic housing.

THREE WAY BILGE SWITCH CONTROL: Give full control to all your equipment. Fuses included. Very simple employment just push the button for manual or automatic bilge pumping. Equipped with Carling rocker switch with operating red led light.

SUBMERSIBLE BILGE PUMPS: These Submersible bilge pumps are durable and easy to install, and they offer boaters a sleek design that has been tested to be reliable and efficient, in harsh saltwater and freshwater uses. Equipped with stainless steel shaft 316, and high-impact durable plastic housing. Easy to install and to clean.

DIGITAL SENSOR SWITCH: New digital technology. 5 years tested new sensor built in technology, designed and developped from our R&D team, The totally sealed detecting sensors are never in contact with water, thus assuring a high corrosion strength, without being affected by oil or foreign discards. LAGUNA SWITCH activates at a 50 mm (2”) fluid level and deactivates at a 20 mm (3/4”) fluid range. A five seconds delay prevents false starts. LAGUNA switch is rated to handle all submersible pumps up to 20 amps at 12 or 24 volts