ERCEM GV seal is a mechanical seal which operate thanks to the friction of the rotating stainless steel ring and static carbon ring.

The nitrile bellows fixed to the stern tube with collars 316L provides compression between the steel ring and the carbon ring .
The rotating seal ERCEM tolerate misalignment and provides a perfect axial sealing thanks to the two O-rings mounted in the stainless steel ring and radial by pressing the carbon and stainless steel ring .

Our ERCEM sealing are mounted on propeller shaft but also on rudders .

- The standard model without inlet manufactured , used and recognized for several decades .

Availability: Any diameter of metric or imperial shaft 22 to 115mm
Application: Sailing - Fishing - Passenger boats - fast boats ...


Rings are produced with Isomolded, very fine grain, high strength, high density, isotropic graphite resin impregnated for high mechanical and sealing applications.

This material may tolerate temperatures up to 200 ° Celsius. 
Rings are produced on CNC machines to ensure a glossy surface state on the contact face.

Depending on the application, the carbon ring may be provided with polyamide fitting to provide better lubrication in water or air vent. We use a non-metallic material to avoid electrolytic phenomena.

316L stainless steel rings are machined on CNC machine to ensure a perfect surface condition and exacting tolerances. The rings are slipped onto the shaft and held in place by 3 setscrews cup end in stainless steel 316L.

The rings are also equipped with two O-rings in nitrile to ensure a perfect seal.

Concerning stainless steel rings for shaft above Ø55mm, they are composed of two parties to facilitate mounting.

ERCEM can be fitted with two different types of bellows :

- First one, simple bellows are made f an elastomer and is particularly used for recreational with shaft diameters up to 41.275mm (1’’ 5/8).

- Second one, reinforced bellows are made of high strength reinforced nitrile covered by Aramid more known as Kevlar®. It can be mounted on our entire range. Its advantages are increased resistance to petrochemicals products, UV, cuts, strains and also to high temperatures.

Our range of bellows is tested under high pressure in our workshops to return to our quality criteria.

Water Pick-Up Kits include everything needed to connect your ERCEM to a point in the engine’s raw water cooling system: Brass Tees, hose and 316L clamps.