Guidi provides a range of Marine accessories including valves, water strainers, and water intakes. From a long history of excellence and innovation in the industry beginning from 1968, Guidi products are manufactured for continuous use even under extreme conditions. Guidi provides a guarantee of excellence and an assurance of a safe return to port. 

Innovation has always been a key feature in the company’s success. 

Every year Guidi improves their manufacturing department and invests considerable resources to find solutions for their customers ensuring products that meet their high standards in:

  • Durability
  • Safety
  • Quality

The success of our products is determined by the meticulous attention focused on raw materials. All the materials used are of the highest grade and comply with strict technical specifications for Bronze, cast and stamped Brass and drawn bar, CR (DZR) stamped Brass and drawn bar, Aluminum.

The alloys used for casting the water strainers are especially important to us since strainers have an indefinite lifespan when properly mounted on board.