Variprop has introduced a variable pitch propeller system that features dynamic, automatic adjustability for premium performance and fuel economy. The three-bladed, patented Variprop propeller is hydraulically controlled. The engine tachometer pulses are used to actuate the Variprop's hydraulic power unit, which also shifts the blade angle automatically.

Although self-contained hydraulics actuates the propeller, the crankshaft does not need to be hollow or drilled, as the Variprop will fit to any of the standard spine configurations. Variprop also comes fully assembled and is easy to install. Variprop mounts on your shaft just like a solid propeller. No disassembly is required at all!

The Variprop propeller can be used for a variety of marine applications with a range of reverse to 24”. Variprop propellers feature a patented independently adjustable external pitch control. Forward and Reverse pitches can be changed in just seconds even underwater.


Patented Integrated shock absorbers are also built into the Variprop hub. All XLS-Variprop propellers are sealed to avoid loss of grease from the housing during operation. All mechanisms are enclosed and protected from anything that could hinder actuation. This ensures long life of the mechanical parts and also greatly reduces the amount of service needed to your boat.

Some of the Unique Features of Variprop:

1. Independently adjustable external pitch control. Forward and reverse pitches can be changed in just seconds [even underwater!]. Variprop allows you to customize that balance for optimum maneuverability, control and safety.
2. Shortest hub - Variprop will fit into the smaller prop apertures of older traditional “full keel” yachts which is not possible with most competing propellers.
3. "SoftStop" Shock Absorbing Multidisc Brake (patented) built into the Variprop hub; dramatically reduces shock loads.